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Product Introduction


1、X-ray impurity detection machine can detect and sort the bulk materials and packing materials mixed with the impurities, and is especially applied to the packing materials detection, which is the brand new detection equipment different from the color sorter


2、With rich function algorithm,the X-ray impurity detection machine can realize the impurities, missing parts and weight detection, and various mask function


3、X-ray impurity detection machine is applicable to the material detection with larger density differences, and is especially applicable to the detection of stone, metal, glass and rigid plastics


4、Friendly human-machine interface is easy for operation,superior image management system is convenient for later data analysis


5、The latest DTC5 detector has good imaging consistency, and the signal to noise ratio of normalization image is high. The physical resolution is 0.4 mm, and can realize the detection of 0.3 mm stainless steel ball. The scanning speed can be up to 1m/s


6、The transmission parts adopt the mobile structure, and are easy to remove and wash. The protection grade is up to IP66


7、Multiple safety devices to ensure human safety,the leakage rate is less than 1μsν/h


8、15-inch touch display screen is easy for operation

Imaging principle diagram for reference



Application Field



Product Specifications




X ray output Maximum voltage60kV 、Maximum current 5mA,Rated power210W
Safety X-ray leakage rate : below 1μsv/h,Interlocked safety device
Detection Sensitivity metal ball:Φ0.3mm,metal wire:Φ0.2mm x 2mm
Screen 15 inches touch screen
Size of Detected Object Maximum width: 400mm,Maximum height : 220mm
Belt Width 420mm
Detection Function Margin mask/Clips mask/Deoxidiser mask
Missing products detection/Weighting
Conveyor Speed 10~100cm/s
Power input 220V、50Hz、AC
Total power 1200W
Total weight 360KG
Dimension 940mmX900mmX1600mm
Environmental Temperature 0~35℃
Machine Casing SUS304